How do I return an item?

RETURNS: We do not accept returns of fresh chestnuts because they are perishable. If there are issues related to product quality when received by the buyer, we may request a return for assessment. SHIPPING: Chestnuts are perishable. Therefore we choose the best method of getting them to you in a timely manner and at the least cost possible. Shipping costs are INCLUDED in the price of small packages (5, 10, and 15-lb) of  fresh chestnuts, dried kernels and chestnut flour.  SHIPPING COSTS MUST BE CALCULATED AND ADDED to large packages (25 and 50-lb). For those who would like large quantities of fresh chestnuts shipped to the West Coast, Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, we offer quantity discounts on 5 or more 10 and 15-lb packages with shipping included (shipped via Flat Rate Priority Mail). This is more economical than ground shipping rates on 50-lb packages shipped long distances.