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Our Bare-Root (BR) and plug tray nursery stock. This size is the most economical to ship and plant with a high rate of success. These are shipped in winter (to the South) or spring (to the North).
1-yr Chinese Seedlings
1-yr Japanese Seedlings
1-yr Allegheny Chinkapins
1-yr Timber Hybrids
1-yr Wildlife Hybrids

Our Container nursery stock. For those who want larger trees. These can be shipped from late September through May or picked up at our nursery anytime.
3-yr Chinese seedlings
2-yr Chinese Seedings
2-yr Japanese Seedlings
2-yr Allegheny Chinkapins
2-yr Timber hybrids
2-yr Wildife hybrids

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1 yr Bare-root, 12-24 inches. We have seedlings from the following mother trees: AU-Homestead, Gideon, Hong Kong, Kohr, Liu, Peach, Qing, Sleeping Giant, Ace, Luvall's Monster, Szego. If you want seedlings from one or more particular mother trees, just request them in the "Order Comments" box on the last page of check-out. Mother tree requests must be made in multiples of 10 trees. If you don't request particular mother trees, we will choose appropriate trees for you.
1-yr bare-root timber hybrids, 10-20 in.  Shipped as bare-root trees or plugs (small pots).  Derived from a mixture of hybrid parents that exhibit "timber-type" growth habit and adequate blight resistance.  Partly American, not predominantly American. 1-yr BR Wildlife Hybrids, 10-20 in. Shipped as bare-root trees or plugs (small pots).  Derived from a mixture of hybrid parents that exhibit prolific and precocious production of small, tasty chestnuts.
1 yr Bare-root, 12-30 in  Mixed parents.  High-quality Korean source.