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DO NOT ORDER SEED CHESTNUTS TO EAT. ORDER CULINARY CHESTNUTS FOR EATING. Our select seed chestnuts include Chinese seed chestnuts, wildlife hybrid seeds, timber hybrid seeds, and chinkapin seeds. Seeds should be ordered in September and October. Chinkapins will be shipped in September or October; all others will be shipped in NOVEMBER. NOTE THAT WE ARE NOW SOLD OUT OF CHINKAPIN SEED, WILDLIFE HYBRID SEED, AND TIMBER HYBRID SEED.
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Chinese Seed Chestnuts
Our select Chinese seeds are collected from about 20 different exceptional mother trees, many of them grafted cultivars. Some are pure Chinese; some are Chinese-type hybrids. Cultivars include: Qing, Peach, Kohr, Gideon, Perry, Payne, Sleeping Giant, Hong Kong, AU-Homestead, Kintzel, Szego, Ace, Mossbarger, Luvall's Monster, Liu. We generally ship a mixture from many mothers. If you would like certain cultivar seed, specify this in the "order comments" when you place your order. They can be ordered in the following package sizes: 1 lb (25-35 seeds), 2 lb (50 - 70 seeds), 5 lb (approx. 150 seeds), 10 lb (approx. 300 seeds).
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