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We are currently SOLD OUT of nursery stock, chestnut seed, fresh culinary chestnuts, dried products, and hazel seed. 

Check back for updates!

Container and plug trees can be shipped September through April. Bare-root trees can be shipped December through May. Chestnut seeds are shipped in November or December. 

WE CANNOT SHIP CULINARY CHESTNUTS, SEEDS, OR TREES TO CA, OR, or WA due to quarantine restrictions.

Canadian/Non-US Customers: Email us at to place your order. This website will not accept non-US credit cards. 

CREDIT CARD PAYMENT NOTES: When you place an order, your card is authorized, but not charged, until we manually accept your order. The authorization lasts for 30 days; we cannot charge your card after the 30-day period. If necessary, we can adjust the order and charge your card less than authorized, but never more. IF WE DO NOT SHIP YOUR ORDER WITHIN THE 30-DAY AUTHORIZATION PERIOD, WE WILL CHARGE YOUR CARD AND THEN LATER SHIP YOUR ORDER AT THE APPROPRIATE TIME. Feel free to email us about payment concerns. 

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